Teacher’s Salary for One Month


An extreme shortage of qualified teachers in South Sudan hinders the progress of education for children in this country. Burdensome teacher to student ratios and dilapidated building conditions make it difficult to retain qualified educators. Your gift of two months’ salary helps to provide a qualified instructor for children and schools in great need. Sponsoring a teacher’s salary begins at one month for $100.


Sponsor a Teacher’s Salary

  1. For 1 Month – $100
  2. For 2 Months – $200
  3. For 3 Months – $300
  4. For 4 Months – $400
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Nearly 70 percent of South Sudan’s children lack the opportunity to attend school regularly due to displacement or poverty. For girls it’s even more difficult. Your gift will support programs to ensure every child has access to an education and skills for a sustainable future.


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For 1 Month – $100, For 2 Months – $200, For 3 Months – $300, For 4 Months – $400