Scholarship for Two Months of School


Nearly 80 percent of South Sudan’s population is severely impoverished. Children in poor households may be kept at home to work. Missing school keeps them trapped in poverty. No child should be denied the gift of education because he or she can’t afford to go. Your gift will cover a child’s school tuition for two months. A scholarship for one child begins at $100.


Provide Two Months’ School Tuition

  1. For 1 Child – $100
  2. For 2 Children – $200
  3. For 3 Children – $300
  4. For 4 Children – $400
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Nearly 70 percent of South Sudan’s children lack the opportunity to attend school regularly due to displacement or poverty. For girls it’s even more difficult. Your gift will support programs to ensure every child has access to an education and skills for a sustainable future.


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For 1 Child – $100, For 2 Children – $200, For 3 Children – $300, For 4 Children – $400