Hygiene Essentials


While it’s hard for many in developed countries to imagine, proper hygiene is unattainable for many in South Sudan. You can help supply a family with hygiene essentials, such as hand soaps, sanitizer, and cleaning supplies. These essentials will help promote the health and safety of vulnerable communities. Hygiene essentials for one family start at $35.

  1. $35 (1 family)
  2. $70 (2 families)
  3. $175 (5 families)
  4. $350 (10 families)
  5. $700 (20 families)
  6. $1,050 (30 families)
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No one should die from a curable illness, treatable injury, or unsupervised childbirth. But this tragedy occurs so often in South Sudan where people lack access to basic healthcare. Your partnership provides resources like mosquito nets to prevent malaria, medicines to heal the sick, and support for our hospitals and health clinics that reach thousands of underserved families.


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$35 (1 family), $70 (2 families), $175 (5 families), $350 (10 families), $700 (20 families), $1,050 (30 families)