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So many in South Sudan do not have access to quality medical care. Hospitals are few and far between. Those who do have a nearby hospital often cannot afford essential surgeries. Your gift will help provide an individual with a lifesaving surgery. The average cost of a surgery in South Sudan is $2,200, and you can help provide a share of that cost with a starting gift amount of $25.

  1. Share of Surgery – $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000
  2. Entire Surgery – $2,200
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No one should die from a curable illness, treatable injury, or unsupervised childbirth. But this tragedy occurs so often in South Sudan where people lack access to basic healthcare. Your partnership provides resources like mosquito nets to prevent malaria, medicines to heal the sick, and support for our hospitals and health clinics that reach thousands of underserved families.


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Share of Surgery – $25, Share of Surgery – $50, Share of Surgery – $100, Share of Surgery – $250, Share of Surgery – $500, Share of Surgery – $1,000, Entire Surgery – $2,200


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