Diet Staples


Food scarcity remains at critically high levels through all of South Sudan. Dietary staples such as sorghum and beans ensure young children and their families receive enough basic nutrition to survive. Food staples for one family start at $15.

  1. $15 (One Family)
  2. $45 (Three Families)
  3. $75 (Five Families)
  4. $90 (Six Families)
  5. $150 (Ten Families)
  6. $375 (Twenty-Five Families)
  7. $525 (Thirty-Five Families)
  8. $750 (Fifty Families)
  9. $1,050 (Seventy Families)
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More than 8 million people suffer from acute hunger in South Sudan. Nearly 1.5 million children are severely malnourished. Floods, drought, violence, and world conflict all escalate the hunger crisis. Sudan Relief Fund is equipped to deliver food relief to people in need where others won’t go. Your gift to send lifesaving food will help prevent a humanitarian crisis and save families on the brink of starvation.

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